How we are addressing COVID We want to help you stay safe from COVID. We take several measures to reduce your risk of exposure to this virus. Masks and hand sanitizer are available for all guests. Staff wear masks when in common areas with guests, and also while meeting guests and serving breakfast. Rooms are cleaned prior to your visit using anti-bacterial cleaning products and wipes. After each stay, rooms, restrooms, and other common areas are also cleaned and sanitized. We ask that guests stay at least 6 feet away from other guests in the common areas of the inn to maintain a safe distance. During breakfast, we will maintain this distance for seating arrangements and set up separate tables if required. When guests are in the same group or family, we will be able to seat them beside each other. Guests of both The Wynne House Inn & The Hummingbird Cottage have the option to eat in their rooms or the cottage away from other guests if they prefer. We respectfully ask if you have any of the symptoms of coronavirus to please cancel your reservation. COVID symptoms and other information can be found at


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